I create original works of art that unfold to the viewer,

revealing your story layer by layer as they move and interact with the piece

Kris Friesen

Everybody has a story. Let me paint yours.

My art is transformative and has the power to alter perceptions on so many levels. It can transform the client, the viewer, the physical space, or, if I'm really fortunate, all three.

It transcends culture, age, and gender. I strive to produce strong art that can be appreciated by all and doesn't require an elaborate explanation.

Human interaction is at the core of my work. When a painting accurately reflects the intended sentiment, and I get to witness the community interacting with my representation, it is one of the most rewarding aspects of my "job."

My Projects


Natural Harmony

Educational Murals

A most rewarding challenge; inspiring students with nature. The northern lights illuminate the entire mural, starting with a boreal forest, moving to a steamy jungle and finally a coral reef. It was important to subtly show people interacting with nature as I wanted to encourage students to experience the wilds. ...

Whale Paintings

Natural History Artworks

From humpbacks to finn whales to orcas to blue whales, creating an artwork about whales remains one of the simplest and most complex subjects I've ever painted. Whales where the first subject I ever drew as a child and continue to be my favourite artworks today. I've only seen one ...

50 Years and Counting

Narrative Artworks

This mural , “50 Years and Counting,” depicts the 50th anniversary of the Mustang and a tribute to Edmonton’s last 50 years. As my client Empire Collision celebrated their 50th anniversary they wanted their story painted as community support; the triumphs, aspirations, and successes of Edmonton.

Kingsway Community Event Mural

Community Event Murals

This was an amazing day with volunteers from the Kingsway district of Edmonton, including softball players, police, local business reps, and passers by. The mural was designed as an giant paint by numbers so that anyone could help paint, and did they ever! Normally projects unfold over over weeks and ...


Cultural Murals

The figures shown in a round dance a striped band that is a graphic representation of the earth. As all of the people are a part of this band they therefore belong to the earth together. Beneath the band representing the earth is another band, this time yellow with stones ...

The 7 Habits

Educational Murals

This mural began as an open call for artists to visually summarize the 7 habits in an educational context, and me having no idea what to do. After visiting the school and seeing the number of walls to be included I realized that the mural needed to have a consistent ...

Kelp Patrol

Natural History Artworks

This mural was a partnership between myself, Jane Molstad of the McCauley Revitalization Strategy, and representatives from longtime local business Lucki's Exercise Equipment. The designated mural wall had been constantly hit with graffiti over the years to the point where it was one of the most problematic locations in the ...

Concept Art

Concept Art

Conceptual art provides a visual actualization for a client's ideas. Whether creating architecture, advertisments, fantasy characters, or film sets, it's far easier and cheaper to see sketches of your ideas before investing in bringing them to life, and far easier to change a sketch than a building. Concept art will ...


Cultural Murals

A while ago I had a great cultural learning experience painting this mural on 97th street in the heart of Edmonton's Chinatown. It's titled "Ariose" after the harmony that the property owners were seeking to portray for that neighbourhood. The placated dragon is being calmed by a flute player, at ...

The Famous Five

Narrative Artworks

This mural was part of the Giants of Edmonton; a partnership between Capital City Clean Up, Ched Radio, and the public where radio listeners recommend and vote on-line for outstanding Edmonton people, places, or things as subjects for the murals. The Famous 5: Henrietta Muir Edwards, Louise McKinney, Emily Murphy, ...

Contact Me

I am available for freelance. Can't wait for the next exciting project! Could be yours?