The figures shown in a round dance a striped band that is a graphic representation of the earth. As all of the people are a part of this band they therefore belong to the earth together. Beneath the band representing the earth is another band, this time yellow with stones or eggs that each hold different family or group dynamics. Here I want to show the cycle of birth and rebirth, or of endless possibilities .

In the middle of the the figures a medicine wheel and an eagle feather are seen, representing the aboriginal community as the foundation for all peoples here, in Edmonton. Behind this we can see the city and the sun, which is only touching Hope Hunter. As Hope is holding hands with others she serves as a life line or conduit between the sun and other peoples.

Together with the other bands, these arcs and loops show connections and communication between different peoples and their environments, like electrical circuits. I would also like to point out that the round dance and the arcs have openings and aren't completely closed, suggesting imperfections, just like life. My intentions were to inspire folks to act irregardless of any imperfections and remeber we can always make our own lives better, and even assist at times with the lives of others. 

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Cultural Murals

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10724 95 St



Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange






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