Natural Harmony Mural


Natural Harmony Mural

A most rewarding challenge; inspiring students with nature. The northern lights illuminate the entire mural, starting with a boreal forest, moving to a steamy jungle and finally a coral reef. It was important to subtly show people interacting with nature as I wanted to encourage students to experience the wilds. Fantasy elements were used to further encourage imaginations.

This mural resides in a stairway at Aurora Charter School. It was designed to have viewers feel elated as they move up to the sky from the bottom of the stairs, and adventurous as they dive into the ocean at the bottom of the stairs. 

Project Type

Educational Murals

Building Name

Aurora Charter School

Street Address

12245 131 St Edmonton AB



Green, Blue


Crezon Panels




Natural Harmony Mural In Progress

Natural Harmony Finished Mural

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