Wildlife in the Air: Paintings


Wildlife in the Air: Paintings

We are fascinated with the ability to take to the air, and we often hold the creatures that can do so in a metaphorical higher regard, compared to their cousins on the ground. As a wildlife artist, when I paint a bird I am painting a world I can never really enter. Bringing a dragonfly's story to an artwork brings myself as the artist, and viewers, into a 3D life and vision that literally adds another dimension when compared to our 2D limitations with the ground (or even an airplane).

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Natural History Artworks

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Kris Friesen

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3551 - B Glenora Road



Paper, Canvas




Acrylic Painting, Action Painting


Before It's Gone: Hummingbird Painting

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I am available for freelance. Can't wait for the next exciting project! Could be yours?