Wildlife at Sea: Paintings


Wildlife at Sea: Paintings

We are instinctively drawn to life in the sea, and part of my job as an artist is to help us become even more curious and attracted to it. Where I love helping people get into the ocean to see first hand the abundance of life in the sea, painting is the next best thing, by bringing the underwater world to us. The paintings in this gallery give windows into the lives, existence, and natural history of unique species in our marine environment and what their stories might be like to a human audience.

Art often bridges gaps between our views of, and restraints with, the world outside us by showing another perspective. Where we may rightly have reservations about jumping into cold, rough waters to swim with sharks, we have no problem enjoying a painting of the same experience. On top of providing a safe distance for all wildlife to get close to us, an engaging artwork can encourage new thoughts and feelings about nature after initial reservations are left behind

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Nature Paintings



Green, Blue






Acrylic Painting


Balancing Blooms: Green Sea Turtle Painting

Sea Otters In Kelp: Painting

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