In Tune With Nature: Chemainus BC Mural


In Tune With Nature: Chemainus BC Mural

In Tune with Nature is a very different kind of mural, serving as a theatrical structure that houses a piano available for public use. Located at the front entrance of the Chemainus Public Market, this Piano Box mural encloses around the piano at night, when the market is closed, and when the market opens during the day, the artwork spreads open as a mural backdrop inviting pianists to play.

Two separate murals live in this Piano in a Box artwork; the exterior has a vibrant BC forest landscape, and the interior shows a rich underwater BC seascape. As a child, whales were one of the first things I ever drew. As a BC mural artist, it always rewarding to paint whales, especially local ones.

As a Vancouver Island mural artist it was a pleasure to paint art reflecting nature locally, above and below the ocean. I enjoyed adding my painting to the list of Chemainus murals. The mural on the outside of the Piano box has music notes playfully meandering around a tree through the woods; sheet music to the song What a Wonderful World by Lois Armstrong.

Project Type

Natural History Murals

Building Name

Chemainus Public Market

Street Address

9790 Willow St Chemainus, BC



Green, Blue


Crezon Panels


Mural, Piano Box


Acrylic Painting, Trompe l'oeil


In Tune With Nature: Piano Box Mural in Public

In Tune With Nature: Completed Piano Box Mural

In Tune With Nature: Piano Box Mural in Progress

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