Comprehensive Layouts


Comprehensive Layouts

Comprehensive layouts, or comps, are sketches that visualize ideas proposed by advertising designers to show clients what an advertisement will look like, before final decisions are made. These quickly generated sketches allow for art directors to accurately showcase what an advertisement will look, before the commitment of a final production. If a client decides against the idea represented by the comp, little time and money is wasted, while if the comp is approved for the next stage, it serves as a starting blueprint or checkpoint between stakeholders that helps eliminate miscommunication.

Project Type

Concept Art



Digital, Paper


Sketch, Digital Art


Comps: Stollery Children's Hospital Marketing Campaign

Comps: Science Pavilion Center Advertisments

Comps: Hamilton Airport Winged Sketches

Comps: Energy efficiency with Red Green and the Carbon Blob

Comps: Oakland Airport Shuttle Advertising

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