BC Mountain Landscapes


BC Mountain Landscapes

As a Canadian landscape artist I bring my own style and interpretation to capture the natural beauty of British Columbia’s beautiful mountains. British Columbia is renowned for its diverse and majestic mountain ranges, such as the Rocky Mountains and the Coast Mountains. Acrylic paintings often showcase these towering peaks, creating a sense of grandeur and awe in canvas wall art.

The ever-changing weather in BC contributes to dynamic and dramatic skies in the paintings. Artists may capture the play of light and shadows as clouds drift across the mountains, creating a sense of movement and atmosphere. Acrylics can be applied in thick layers or thin washes, allowing me to create texture and depth in their paintings. This technique can be used to convey the ruggedness of mountain terrain, with rough brushstrokes representing rocky surfaces and smoother areas indicating snow-covered peaks.

I invite viewers to connect with the wilderness through my vision of the inspiring awareness and tranquility found on BC mountains.

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Mount Cheam: Chilliwack Landscape Painting

Burst of Glaciers: Kitimat Range Landscape Painting

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