Wildlife on Land: Paintings


Wildlife on Land: Paintings

This collection of wildlife paintings spans a couple genres, continents where I painted, and time periods. Several of these artworks were created during my artist's residency at Sachaqa Centro De Arte in San Roque de Cumbaza, Peru, where I was encouraged by myself, my hosts, and my artist contemporaries to paint with my eyes wide open. As I strive to promote conservation of nature in art  Sachaqua is about environmental awareness, so we were a great fit.

In each of these artworks I endeavour to represent a species by portraying a glimpse of an individual animal or a group, as with "Skies Now Empty," and then provide a narrative that human viewers can identify and empathize with. As a visual artist, when I create a painting like "Opportunity of Vicuña" I illustrate the landscape as a stage and the animals shown as actors. I try to give a story to the different species involved, sometimes at the expense of others as with the puma hunting vicuña. In all examples I seek to provide painted artworks that help viewers with their own curiosity about nature, and promote each of us spending time exploring nature on micro and macro levels.


Project Type

Nature Paintings

Building Name

Sachaqa Centro De Arte

Street Address

Peru 22220, Peru



Green, Purple


Paper, Canvas




Acrylic Painting, Action Painting, Trompe l'oeil


Dust and Water: Asian Elephant

Opportunity of Vicuña: Wildlife of the Andes

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