The 7 Habits School Mural


The 7 Habits School Mural

This mural began as an open call for artists to visually summarize the 7 habits in an educational context, and me having no idea what to do. After visiting the school and seeing the number of walls to be included I realized that the mural needed to have a consistent image to keep from being scattered, something that would tie it all together. An image of a pathway then came to me; one central path with smaller paths branching off for individual habits. From there I created an original sketch that started the mural process.

After my initial proposal I welcomed any input from teachers, staff, and students. I met most of the teachers at a meeting where everyone was welcomed to discuss what worked and didn't work in the sketch, with the general composition being far more important to me than individual details. As I told everyone involved, what really matters is that the viewer understands what's going on for each habit. I emailed revised sketches and continuing to talk with the staff to ensure we would get the best result.

This mural's style started with this one digital image from my portfolio that a school representative really liked. Going from this digital image I wanted everything to look pre adolescent; to be graphic with bold and colourful images that are neither realistic or flat.

The mural itself took a little over 3 weeks to complete and I worked nights so that I wouldn't interfere with the school schedule, and became known as the “nocturnal bat artist” to the students. I painted a couple days until noon so that classes could visit me while I worked and ask questions.

While the 7 habits are obviously the important theme here it's important that kids can identify with any scene, so I made sure to emphasize that we're here in St. Albert. As you can see the background includes different landmarks of St Albert: grain elevators, the school, and the town itself. The path we're on in the mural moves from rainy prairie to sunny tropical mountains with a rainbow, which suggests a challenging future goal to be achieved.

Project Type

Educational Murals

Building Name

Ronald Harvey Elementary School

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15 Langley Ave, St Albert AB







The 7 Habits Finished School Mural

The 7 Habits School Mural In Progress

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