Strathcona County Museum Mural


Strathcona County Museum Mural

This wall mural for the Strathcona County Museum and Archives was painted in my studio in Victoria, BC, before being installed on site in Sherwood Park, AB. The mural utilizes the three subjects of the Museum's logo; Sherwood Park (and Strathcona County), the Aspen Parklands, and the Beaver Hills Biosphere. Blending these three elements together, two natural and one urban, with three layers gives the wall mural a colorful curved design that is noticeable blocks away.

This exterior mural has a low level of detail, that is, it has far fewer layers and details than my regular murals. I paint a low detail mural by only painting three passes or less, a pass being one acrylic painting session where the subject is painted and left to dry. For a regular mural at full detail, I often paint more than 10 passes.

Project Type

Natural History Murals

Building Name

Strathcona County Museum & Archives

Street Address

913 Ash St Sherwood Park, AB



Blue, Orange, yellow ochre


Dibond Panels




Acrylic Painting


Strathcona County Museum: Finished Mural

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