Storyboards for Marketing, Branding and Recruitment


Storyboards for Marketing, Branding and Recruitment

Storyboards show a marketing, branding and recuitment video as a comic book. They are a sequential graphic representation of how a video will read to viewers, unpacking each sequence shot by shot as a visual story. Storyboards illustrate the shots that will show the film, and give a window into what the local world of the film will look like before it is built.

As a storyboard artist I create sketches into a digital format and are typically based on a script, notes, sketches and scribbles that my clients want brought to life, as seen in this portfolio. Storyboards help producers, directors, and advertising agencies to see scenes and find potential filming issues before they happen, saving cost and time. Often scripts suggest alternative takes, props or characters, which are easy to provide in a storyboard drawing.

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Volunteer Firefighter Video: Storyboards

Monster Comparison: Storyboards

Athabasca University Rebrand: Storyboards

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