Seascape Paintings


Seascape Paintings

A seascape painting is an artwork that portrays the sea as marine art. Related to the landscape, which depicts natural scenery like forests and mountains, a seascape reveals the artist’s perception of the ocean itself. As a Victoria, BC seascape artist who is fortunate to live by the sea, when I paint a seascape I am looking to share the perspective of the ocean itself, the ocean’s viewpoint.

An original seascape painting has a calming effect with viewers as we subliminally picture and feel the natural rhythm of the ocean.

While my seascapes do show a visual viewpoint that focuses on particular ocean scenery I know this is limited. An underwater painting even depicting waters with exceptional visibility can only show one view. When I paint the ocean I strive to help viewers feel that there is so much more that what I’m showing them. That the ocean is as much a cognitive and spiritual perception of a mysterious world that is out of sight for us, even when we do have snapshots of what it’s like beneath the surface of the sea.

Project Type

Custom Paintings, Nature Paintings


Green, Blue, Aquamarine


Canvas, Wood Paint Panel




Acrylic Painting


Carolyn's Coral: Coral Reef Seascape Painting

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