Sandy Lane Event Mural


Sandy Lane Event Mural

Sandy Lane Auto commissioned this contemporary mural to be painted live and celebrate the grand opening of their second store in Edmonton. The folks at Sandy Lane were open to an experimental artwork with their company name, so as a mural artist I jumped on the opportunity to push artistic boundaries!

As my client's brand utilized vintage European cars, I decided to create a contemporary painting lit by neon signs of the 1960's. This bright outline approach illuminated the outline a classic Volvo sports car and even saturated a mechanic into a neon outline, only leaving his face and hands fully rendered. A neon sign in the foreground is abstracted into shapes and lines receding into the background, which loosely suggests a city skyline.

Project Type

Performance Art

Building Name

Sandy Lane Auto

Street Address

15820 111 Ave NW Edmonton, AB



Red, Yellow


Interior Wall




Sandy Lane Contemporary Mural

Sany Lane: Mural Painting Event

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