Performance Mural: Age Well Expo, Las Vegas


Performance Mural: Age Well Expo, Las Vegas

I had the pleasure of painting a single day event performance mural as the welcoming entertainment for the 2019 AgeWell Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. A performance mural is an orchestrated and timed artwork that is created for a live audience as it's own event, or part of a larger event. With a live paint performance, the act of painting itself is performed as type of creative expression and entertainment in its own right.

As an artist, the experience of creating a live performance painting is unique, thrilling and inspiring. Where I normally am only focused on creating the best mural or painting as the final expression, a performance mural plays out on fast forward. Planning and staging are important as each element or stage of the painting, for example painting a blue sky, is given a limited amount of time.

Project Type

Performance Art

Building Name

Rio Convention Center

Street Address

3700 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas NV









Acrylic Painting, landscape


Performance Art Mural: Age Well Expo, Las Vegas

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