Parksville BC Pirate Mural


Parksville BC Pirate Mural

The second mural commission for Paradise Adventure Park in Parksville, BC, is an island pirate scene. While Vancouver Island may be short on pirates, this mural depicts a tropical Caribbean island completely occupied by the jolly scoundrels. A pirate Man 0' War anchors in a bay behind an active volcano in the distance, while a beached ship wreck (complete with a skeleton) suggests previously poor sailing decisions, perhaps from to much rum.

This mural resides beside a theme park waterfall and a sculpted pirate ship, which is part of a mini golf course. While painting a pirate island mural fully brought out my inner child (who had a blast), I took advantage of this subject and my lack of knowledge to research pirate history: what was pirate life really like, and why choose it? I was amazed to find it could be an attractive alternative to the inhumane quality of life that sailors in the British empire faced at the time.

Project Type

Narrative Murals

Building Name

375 West Island Highway

Street Address

375 West Island Highway



Green, Blue, Aquamarine






Acrylic Painting, Foreshortening, Trompe l'oeil


Paradise BC Pirate Mural: Finished Artwork

Paradise BC Pirate Mural: Mural in Progress

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