Nature and Humanity: Paintings


Nature and Humanity: Paintings

As an artist who's favourite subject is nature and who is often called to paint figures and portraits, I find it natural to combine people with animals in an artwork. This juxtaposition of humanity and wildlife is often based on a common thread between the two species, a subject that ties both together. Despite coming from nature and being animals ourselves, we separate ideas like intelligence, parenting, imagination and love as something only humans are capable of. In placing animals with people, I'm experimenting with bringing attention to our common values, as we can't help but look for people in art.

Project Type

Nature Paintings

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Street Address

2257 Premier Way #116 Sherwood Park, AB



Green, Blue, Red


Canvas, Wood Paint Panel


Painting, Mixed Media


Acrylic Painting, Action Painting, Foreshortening, Tachisme


Motherhood: Octopus and Woman with Child Painting

Aspen: Underwater Dream Painting

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