Landscape Paintings


Landscape Paintings

The landscape painting is often the first genre most folks think of with art, and for good reason. An age old genre where artists portray the essence of nature, landscapes can show many different settings, such the ocean, jungles, mountains, rivers, beaches and forests. When I paint a landscape I am painting the portrait of a place, and I see locations in nature as characters with a host of unique moods and stories.

Where normal portraiture can be accomplished by including the single figure, acrylic landscapes can be far more complex in choosing which elements of nature to include. Even a bare field and sky can take on a variety of moods and characteristics, as there are two elements not one. I often take a widescreen approach to include different elements, and will typically include a background, foreground, and middle ground to convey the space of a landscape.

Several of these acrylic artworks are abstract landscape paintings, having started with large blind brush strokes that made colorful abstract art. Once there is an abstract art design, I look for the right composition to add a scenery painting, creating an abstract landscape.

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Nature Paintings



Dibond Panels, Canvas




Acrylic Painting


Prairie Brush Strokes: Landscape Painting

Orion in the Woods: Landscape of Stars

Flailed to a Sky: Landscape Painting

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