Dieppe and Juno: WW2 Military Mural


Dieppe and Juno: WW2 Military Mural

This mural for the Whitecourt, AB Legion summarizes Canada in World War II and shows two important battles: our loss at Dieppe, and victory at Juno. As both of these operations occurred on French beaches and were important historical events in the war, I decided to blend them together into one military artwork.

Dieppe Defeat: Juno Victory was the most in depth Canadian military mural I have painted so far, and possibly my most detailed mural in general. The World War 2 Canadian assaults are shown by land, air and sea.The tall format of this mural lent itself well for stretching out the chaos and action of both battles, with the Dieppe Raid in the top section, and the Juno Beach assault in the lower section. In the far background Canada's navy is shown as part of the Battle of the Atlantic, while Dieppe occupies the middle ground and Juno moves into the foreground with charging infantry.


Project Type

Narrative Murals

Building Name

Whitecourt Legion

Street Address

4928 51 Ave Whitecourt, AB



earth tones


Dibond Panels




WW2 Dieppe and Juno: Finished Mural

WW2 Dieppe and Juno: Mural In Progress

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