Daycare Paintings and Murals


Daycare Paintings and Murals

Daycares have unique needs for murals and artworks. I have worked with several child care providers to create interactive paintings that act as stations, letting children know where to go or assemble. These assembly area paintings are often of animals, and can be in a variety of locations: I have painted fence posts, outdoor walls, concrete forms and more. Each artwork location has a purpose, so that child care workers can ask children to line up at “the frog” or find a seat by “the otter.”

Project Type

Educational Murals

Building Name

Nanaimo Innovation Academy

Street Address

905 Hecate St Nanaimo BC



earth tones


Dibond Panels, Interior Wall, Wood Walls, Posts


Mural, Painting


Daycare Paintings and Murals: Nanaimo Innovation Academy

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