Chilliwack Freshwater Wealth Mural


Chilliwack Freshwater Wealth Mural

"Chilliwack's Freshwater Wealth" is showcased in this mural on the new Wolfe Road pump-house! The mural depicts all 5 species of Pacific salmon in the Chilliwack River, the Hope Slough with a blue heron, muskrat and river otter, Cultus Lake and an aerial scene of the Fraser River with the Cheam Range in the background.

This mural for the new Chilliwack inlet works building showcases the City as a bright example of a great town with an abundance of freshwater wealth in it's rivers, lakes, and waterways.

Born and raised in Chilliwack, I am intimately familiar with, and appreciate the variety of local water sources. Almost everywhere people live, work and play in Chilliwack, they are near a local water source. Promoting the City in a mural that energizes viewers with an artistic mirror reflecting beautiful local waters is a good fit for enhancing the new inlet works building, with a wastewater upgrade providing sustainable investment in water health.

My mural is a montage that blends together different scenes with fluid visuals of water flowing from one subject to the next. The mural includes a fisherman with all 5 species of Pacific salmon at the Chilliwack River; an aerial view of the Fraser River with iconic mountains such as Mount Cheam; a kayaker at Cultus Lake, and a serene setting at Atchelitz creek. Life is shown above and below water, depicting healthy waters and a city well cared for. The purpose of this mural is to emphasize local residents and their connection to the water and nature surrounding them.

The mural was painted on panels one area at a time in my Victoria, BC studio.

Project Type

Natural History Murals

Building Name

Wolfe Road Pumphouse

Street Address

44820 Wolfe Road, Chilliwack



Green, Blue, yellow ochre


Dibond Panels




Montage, Acrylic Painting, Aerial Perspective


Chilliwack's Freshwater Wealth: Finished Mural

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