Canadian Wildlife on Land: Paintings


Canadian Wildlife on Land: Paintings

Wildlife is essential to the life, health and identity of Canadian lands. Painting and portraying Canadian animals as a Canadian artist is not only a rewarding experience, I also see it as a personal responsibility. In painting iconic land animals like moose, wolves and grizzly bears I promote their important place in our world, and emphasize healthy populations. In bringing these animals to viewers I seek to build empathy, curiosity and respect for the species.

Often large and hearty, animals living on the land in Canada face tough climates and often big territories. Canada offers many biomes, or communities of flora and fauna specific to a climate, such as: the boreal forest, tundra, temperate deciduous forest, grassland and coastal rain forest. While over half of Canada's landscape is currently free of human development environmental concerns, human expansion and invasive species have over 800 species (land, air and water) at risk.

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Nature Paintings

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Kris L Friesen

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490 Sturdee Street






Acrylic Painting, Action Painting


Moose Family in Winter Sunset: Canadian Wildlife Painting

Wolves Under Winter Moon: Painting

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