Boer War Mural: Canada's First Conflict


Boer War Mural: Canada's First Conflict

This mural was painted to represent Canada's first official military involvement, the Boer War, specifically the theatres of Leliefontein and Wolve Spruit.The foreground of this military mural depicts Sergeant A.H.L. Richardson, of Strathcona's Horse, rescuing a wounded and stranded soldier, on a wounded horse, no less. The middle ground of the mural shows Lieutenants H.Z.C. Cockburn and R.E.W. Turner with Sergeant E.J. Holland defending ground against the Boers so that Canadians could escape with their field guns. While Sergeant Holland held his ground with a Colt machine gun it eventually jammed, at which point he separated it from it's carriage and evacuated successfully in retreat.Despite the heroics and dramatic scenarios depicted in the main portions of this mural, the Boer War was a gruelling conflict for both sides, with guerrilla tactics, farm burning, prison camps, disease, divisive support in Canada, and other hardships. As the first Canadian military endeavour, this war pointedly offered many lessons.

Project Type

Narrative Murals

Building Name

Whitecourt Legion

Street Address

4928 51 Ave Whitecourt, AB



earth tones


Dibond Panels




Acrylic Painting, Aerial Perspective


Boer War: Finished Mural

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