Ariose: Edmonton Chinatown Mural


Ariose: Edmonton Chinatown Mural

When I was hired as the mural artist for a giant artwork my clients graciously and patiently served as Chinese cultural advisers. Painting this mural on 97th street in the heart of Edmonton's Chinatown was the start of my learning experience with Chinese culture, learning that will continue to the end of my days. The mural is titled Ariose, after the harmony that the property owners were seeking to portray for that neighbourhood. The placated dragon is being calmed by a flute player, at the request of my clients who provided the vision for one of the first calm dragons in Chinese artwork I've ever seen. The nine koi fish shown over this entire mural symbolize prosperity, and the lotus flowers stand for purity.

Most of my projects don't have as much direct symbolism, so this was a unique artwork for me. Painting a traditional Chinese artwork as a non Chinese person was a privilege, and involved new territory for me. My clients helped me with consultations to ensure the intended message was portrayed and were as my cultural advisors.

Collaborating with others brings unpredictability, challenge, and a push toward new ground for sharing the human experience.

Project Type

Cultural Murals

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Minh Parmacy

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10673 97 St NW Edmonton



Green, Blue






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