Alberta Avenue Festival Murals


Alberta Avenue Festival Murals

This series of murals promoting Alberta Avenue in Edmonton uses a diptych and triptych mural to showcase the grassroots festivals created by the arts community on 118 (Alberta) Ave. These artworks live on the exterior walls of the Alberta Avenue Community League, which is within eyesight of the festivals and provides a festival version of the same streets visible from the paintings. It was such a pleasure as a mural artist to paint beautiful creative and quirky people in artworks, and then give it straight back to them as a public artwork; paintings that say “this is how imaginative and cool you are.”

For well over a decade Alberta Avenue has been known as an arts community, hosting the Kaleido Family Arts Festival and Deep Freeze Winter Byzantine Festival, since 2006 and 2007. These festivals were founded by the Arts on the Ave Edmonton Society, which helped foster 118th Ave as a community arts district. All of the performers, artists, and artworks painted in these murals are based on real people.

Project Type

Cultural Murals

Building Name

Alberta Avenue Community League

Street Address

9210 118 Ave Edmonton, AB



Crezon Panels




Deep Freeze Festival Mural

Kaleido Festival Mural

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